Dr. John Mulinde, Director of World Trumpet Mission and co-author of The Wake-Up Call and Prayer Altars is fighting for his life.  Since having his gallbladder removed 3 months ago, Pastor John's body has been fighting toxins to the stage of some of his organs shutting down.  After receiving massive doses of antibiotics, he is better, but still struggling to regain his health.

Please make sure you are a clean vessel of prayer, pray for his complete healing--expecially of his brain and pancreas--and pray the armor of God over him every time the Lord brings him to your mind.

God deserves praise and thanks when He answers our prayers!  The Testimony Form is under Quick Links at the bottom of this page.  Click here is see what God is doing in response to prayers.  
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Welcome to Awakening Florida's Website!

We believe God is calling His people to fervent, united prayer all across Florida for a great revival and a spiritual transformation of our land.  Our desire is to facilitate unity and structure utilizing The Prayer Altar Strategy. 


By uniting the body of Christ in a prayer network, our goal, as the forerunner state, is to see God bring spiritual renewal to us, our families, our churches, our businesses, our communities, other states, our nation, and ultimately the world.  


We need God’s intervention!  It is only in prayer that we will know God’s heart and release His power; bringing about His kingdom on Earth.  It is exciting to see God moving mightily in our families and communities, and we invite you to join with us.


Roger Hackenberg

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